Welshterriers of Samara

Фотография вельштерьера 153 x 129 = 8,33 KB
Welshterrier - elegant, small (height in withers 35-40 cm, weight about 9 kg), unpretentious dog, one of oldest breeds of the terriers output in Wales. It is the reliable and cheerful friend, benevolent to the people and always customized on contact to the master.
It is the excellent partner, tireless partner during walks. It is the fearless and scalene hunter working in a hole under ground on fox and other beasts, and also on a duck, wild boar and blood's track.
Now not all fans welshterriers use them on practical hunting. Many owners as sports interest support the hunting qualities of the pupils by a training on an artificial hole for animal and involvement in trials, which now began to be carried out annually in Samara.
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